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Wilson's 24hr Towing

The only of its kind in this region, Wilson’s 24 Hour Towing has taken exceptional to a whole new level. When your vehicle leaves you stranded, our operators utilize logistics to locate you from any highway, side street or back street. Roadside assistance at its best, we will change your tires, jump start your vehicle, or even deliver gas. When only a tow will do, we have the right equipment to winch, pull, or haul your vehicle to a local shop. We know you have a choice, but with well-trained ACE technicians standing by 24 Hours to serve you, we hope you leave your repairs to us. In business for over five decades, no one knows our coverage areas like we do. Master craftsmen, and trained to perform any tow, compact car or Big Rig—your best choice is Wilson’s 24 Hour Towing.

2020 Indianapolis Road Crawfordsville, IN

(765) 362-9350



"Good experience. From the roadside assistance by a kind tow truck driver on a Sunday morning to calls answered when I called for updates and an estimate. Car was completed on time at a decent price point.The only downside was they told me they would call "when the part arrives" and "when we get started", but those calls didn't arrived. I had to call in for all my updates.But the bottom line was towed, parts & labor for under $300, in less than 36 hours. Sweet!"
Sheila C.
"I love Wilson's Towing for being a real company that don't nickle and dime customers. Jacob is the best by the way!"
Norman A.
5 03/24/2016

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